🔴 DEEP WEB 2019: Hannah's Game, EP2 Making The Monster, Hope Dies Here Series

🔴 DEEP WEB 2019: Hannah's Game, EP2 Making The Monster, Hope Dies Here Series

EPISODE ONE – Making Contact –

Part of the Hannah’s game deep web child groomer series – this week we start to look into the diary and past of MR Hugo and look at the global issue of teacher educators who pray on their students. Also, we look at the deep web chat logs from conversations between abusers and producers on Mr Hugos private deep web site.

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40 thoughts on “🔴 DEEP WEB 2019: Hannah's Game, EP2 Making The Monster, Hope Dies Here Series

  1. Little miss S in a mini dress

    - Edit


    this teacher who got this little boy out of the bathroom and pushed him against the wall and grabbed him by his face suspended for 10 days if she's still in the school what the f*** she should have been immediately removed from the school fired and charged criminally and never allowed to be a teacher again

  2. I homeschool my child for 3 and a half years. I am a proud helicopter parent and my life is detracted ONLY to protect her! Watch over and trust no o e not even family. I DONT!!!

  3. It also happened in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada just a couple years ago bodies were found cut up around the theme park Marineland like 5 different people in one summer they found dismembered body parts …it was horrible they were kidnapping them from Victoria street and doing horrible things it was in the papers here but maybe not world wide. ….. do you think there could be a link in Ontario Canada?

  4. That's what happened in Toronto Ontario a few times ….. different people were cut up and different body parts were found in dumpsters across the GTA. It was all over the news it was horrific. Similar to your story in your country. …

  5. They talk about how thier teachers, volunteers, etc are screened and have a background checks, But most of them don't have a criminal background, because they haven't been caught yet! I really wish we can put these sick people down. They will never be cured. 😡

  6. I know when my two sons were getting set to start school for the first time, they were excited, and proud to be in school. Big kindergarteners. If something like what the kids who were abused, kicked, hit, etc had happened to them, the fear and trauma that would ensue would be awful, the first experience they have with school, getting a little bit of independence and to be big boys or girls, and to encounter this is so upsetting. To crush their innocence in any way is a sin of the worst kind. Our children are our everything. In fact all children are our children, because they are defenseless, for one, and two, they are gonna grow up to run the country, the whole system of things and the ones who will interact and come i contact with my most precious of gifts, my kids. Come on people, act like they are gifts that they are and understand they are shaped by all they experience, if you exploit their innocence and defenselessness, you should never get the chance to do it again. Life or death, life sentence or the death penalty.

  7. So I was always right to never trust teachers at school then found out after I had left that my old English teacher used to nonce one of the young girls in my class and was found out much later when she got older and reported him…just another filthy beast..

  8. im terrified every time my kids leave the house for school until they come back… why the fuck are they allowed to harass parents constantly accusing parents for abuse just to scare them.. my kids school just sent me a document for some weird after school program that asked me to (sign my rights away and also that i cant pursue them for QUOTE any damages done while he is in said program i later found out that this program would also e transporting him off school grounds and this was some random organization and not part of the education system, i was furious because my 9 yr old told me they interrogated him and talked to him like he was a grown man asking him questions like has he ever been arrested or done drugs, im pissed because i did not give them consent to speak to my child like that and they never informed me about it! needless to say after the abuse that was done to my 6 yr old daughter had her eye so swollen she couldn't open it when she came home from school on her very first day! she asked to be homeschooled. the issues have stopped but my kids and i are getting out of this school who constantly tries to push and threaten parents and guess what. my community is giving the schools as much power as police officers! are kids are not safe anywhere!

  9. I'm a teacher and I never heared of private teaching at the tutor's home before. In Germany laws are very strict and teachers are not allowed to be alone with students.

    Right now I'm working in Japan and it's also not common here to take the child home. If pupils have bad grades, they visit a Gakushuujuku, a facility where teachers do exercises about the topic the students are recently dealing with at school.

    I'm so shocked to see people using this profession as a way to molest children! It's disgusting and thinking about the fact that there might be colleagues that are friendly on the surface to hide their perversions gives me the creeps.

  10. I’m a female teacher in a high school and there is NO WAY I’d ever have a student come to my house for any reason. It’s ridiculous. Private tutors will go to a child’s house, but parents are always there. We are told to not even be alone in a classroom with them ever, just in case we are accused or misread by the kid.

  11. My daughter is homeschooled and has a female tutor I would never ever leave my daughter alone with her although I absolutely 100% trust her , you just never know someone fully and can’t risk it! I just don’t know how the parents trusted a man taking their daughter home. Just no no and no ! X

  12. pedophiles have no right to life after their deeds, as long they are passive and dont go for their urges fine. but as soon they walk over the line they forfeit their lives what so ever. should be free hunting on them everywhere. No place to run, no place to hide and no laws to defend them. they only deserves a slow painful death.

  13. Fuck I have seen that Zamora one where the wife was sexually assaulting her student and her husband is pleading with the parent of the child she was abusing to not go to the police because “she’s done so much and she made a mistake!” Like what?!?!?!? I could not fucking believe that

  14. Where are the parents???? how can any parent let their child go over to someone elses place? I'm always sitting here asking where the hell are the parents??? If I had a daughter I sure as hell wouldn't allow them to go to a teachers home or where ever not in this day and age, and this is EXACTLY why. Are parents really this naive?????????

  15. My teacher sexually harassed me when I was in elementary. He would grab my ass and I can't do anything about it. Cause I don't have the guts to tell my parents. 💔
    It was my worst nightmare

  16. There are many people that go thru the same childhood. These same people are good people and don't abuse anyone. Why makes one adult deliver the same pain to a child, when the other doesn't. There is NO excuse.

  17. I live in Germany and it's not unusual to get tutored by a teacher. I myself had a retired teacher as my Latin tutor. My mom would drop me off at his house for an hour and then come pick me up again. It's very common here and now that I'm an adult and a mother myself I don't know if I'd let my child be tutored at a strangers house without any supervision. For reference I was in 7th and 8th grade at the time so around 12-13 years old.

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