Overwatch: Origins Edition – How To Play Offline

Overwatch: Origins Edition – How To Play Offline

Overwatch: Origins Edition

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47 thoughts on “Overwatch: Origins Edition – How To Play Offline

  1. sʟᴇᴇᴘʏ ʜᴇᴀᴅ

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    I bought the game for my birthday which is today, and ummm I'm really really disappointed, sad, angry and depressed because I need ps4 online to play and now I can't play it because I don't have it

  2. shadow gaming and unboxings

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    Did you need ps plus and can I play team deathmatch or free for all with bots only without ps plus and how do I create the game arcade mode or game browser? Plz Answer when you can

  3. i just bought a ps4 pro last weekend and installed Overwatch. Cannot play offline. You need to enter your credit card info and sign up before it allows you to play. I will not be entering my credit card info into playstation so therefore I will not be playing..

  4. I have an account and ps plus but my connection is crap that’s why i need this because the update 10gb it will took me like a 6d to get downloaded and even if it download it will lag a lot plus I’m watching this in 144p

  5. Please change the title of the video to "how to play against bots" or something like that. Suggesting to play offline is somehow lying. Overwatch (unfortunately) does not allow any way to play offline.

  6. Will I still be lagging around while doing this¿ The internet connection where I love is actually good, until my sister gets home. For some reason as soon as she walks in the door the damn connection turns to shit. She stays on her phone alot, but it's usually just her phone, and my Xbox connected to the router.

  7. Okay. I keep telling everyone you need an account. You need at least an internet connection to log in. This was mainly for people that can't hold a connection very well. Now I'm not sure if you need PS Plus or not to access the game itself. I had Plus but a crappy connection. That's how I was able to do this

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