GTA San Andreas Best Graphics & Retextured Mods – SDGE Reborn 2.0

GTA San Andreas Best Graphics & Retextured Mods – SDGE Reborn 2.0

New Redux Graphics For GTA San Andreas :

SDGE Reborn 2.0 – GTA San Andreas Graphics Mod
Author: BestArModding, ReShade, Marty McFly, Makarus

Trasnlate from Spanish (google translate)

This is a beautiful enb series of medium & high resources for gta san andreas
It runs from version 0.369 windows 10 with Executable RUN ADMIN and win7 normally by .exe

Possible problems and Solutions
-Chashear when executing the .bat (RUN ADMIN)
-Do not load the shaders of the ReShade (A tutorial will be done respectively)
-Nose looks the same as yours (Possibly you installed something wrong or you don’t have the same mods as me Textures, cars, effects etc …)
-Has Bugs (Possibly a mod not compatible with enbseries)
-It already works in SAMP (I’ll leave a separate Launcher for SAMP)
1 ° Add the enb.exe to data execution prevention
2 ° delete the gtasa.set from the GTA User files folder and persist search your gta sa in the same file if it appears you delete it.
3rd Use a virgin test gta to avoid mistakes
4 ° Do not put mods that are not compatible with enb series

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| No Official Requirements |||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Processor: Intel core i3 – 6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70GHz
RAM: 4 GBs
Graphic: NVIDIA GTX 660TI


DOWNLOAD Insanity Retexture (Grove Street)

DOWNLOAD | K – Retexture | Somewhere Near Grove Street

DOWNLOAD Jefferson – Retextured

DOWNLOAD Retextured LaPetrol

DOWNLOAD East Los Santos – Retextured

DOWNLOAD K-Retexture El Corona


DOWNLOAD ericho’s Mega Vehicles Pack

Music :
Faceless by evilkuff

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