GTA LCS Theme "Dark March" Cover

GTA LCS Theme "Dark March" Cover

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Equipment used in the production of this video
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Headphones – Beat by Dre – Orange –
MIDI Keyboard – M Audio Keystation 49 –
Laptop- “Leopard Pro” 15.6-Inch –
Camera – GoPro 4 Silver –
Audio Interface equivalent –
Rode NT1a (mic) –
Rode NT2a (mic)-
Shure SM57 (mic)-
Shure SM58 (mic)-
AKG D112 (mic)-
Se2200a (mic)-
Guitar amp – Roland Cube –
Zildjian Trashformer splash cymbal –
Pearl Double Bass Pedal –
Remo Ambassador Drum Heads –
White Student Violin –
White Student Cello –

All credit goes to Danger Mouse

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