PUBGM Anti Hack | Message from Devs | Report Hackers

PUBGM Anti Hack | Message from Devs | Report Hackers

Please keep reporting hacker and cheaters and make PUBGM a fair gaming platform. Check out how the team works behind the scenes to ban cheaters.

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46 thoughts on “PUBGM Anti Hack | Message from Devs | Report Hackers

  1. 这是废话,百榜成绩打开一看,就知道了不正常,却不封查,就算是时间问题,那些时间会影响多少玩家上分的机会和影响玩家的心态?数据和战绩一旦不正常,事先就应该马上暂封号严查,还需要把作弊证据找出来才封号,这就是浪费时间和导致玩家对你们失去信心和信任,垃圾游戏

  2. There should be adhar card of PUBG… if they have to create account adhar card should be needed… and when they need to makesecond account they have to verify xd

  3. Hello team .need your help . Bec some hacked my account nd my account was with Facebook but he changed it to Twitter with some other name nd now m unable to login with Facebook and evn my all friends list is missing please help me pubg team

  4. 😂😂😂 This is absurd! Top server players are mostly cheaters, and if you play a random game, there is more than 90% chance you're gonna get killed by a hacker SQUAD, and not even a single hacker, speed hacks are back, auto aims and x-rays are childish to talk about comparing to new hacks, good work PUBG, charge 1200 UC for Carlo! 😂😂😂

  5. our in-game security must be a joke. I think a 12 year old with little computer skills can hack your game while you A$$holes just too busy making money than focusing on your game security.

  6. PUBGM:- We are banning hackers even who are using antiban.
    Truth:-PUBGM is not banning.
    Me:- Found 3 hackers in a single solo match and reported but My achievment has not been completed.😅

  7. You know what's worse than a cheater that hack game? Answer: someone that hack your account that you spend alot of money on and you can't get it back or prove it's your profile with all your perchase receit. I have to watch my profile being use daily by a hacker. Pubg need a system to let you prove yourself with your receits.

  8. this game become worse and worse and worse…..this is not a fun game anymore out of 100% normal player 50% are cheater how can you allowed a cheater in this game and you are not fixing this problem ev …cheater are rubbing each time we play we normal player are paying data just to play this game and to enjoy…cheater are ruining this game rubbing our rigth to enjoy by not playing equal….

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