Praetorian Graves Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

Praetorian Graves Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

League of Legends Praetorian Graves Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Graves on their Praetorian Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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43 thoughts on “Praetorian Graves Skin Spotlight – League of Legends

  1. I like the audio and visual overall, especially the classic pumping of the shotgun

    But if they visually change the ult explosion to have more "oomph" or more grainy lead effect to it it would be awesome af, like a terminator feel to it.

    If they also changed how Graves moves, like a robot it would be perfect

  2. Wouldn't it have made more sense for his recall to selfdestruct and then his spawn in animation be the new one dropping in? New one dropping in on top of the old one then just disappearing and reappearing at spawn makes no sense.

  3. How the fuck does riot keep fucking up every goddamn skin like they look so goddamn good in the splash art just keep the metallic darker more esthetic colours goddamnit !

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