No Game No Life: Zero ꟾ ENDING SCENE ♔

No Game No Life: Zero ꟾ ENDING SCENE ♔

ENDING SCENE from No Game No Life:Zero – Jap. audio – english
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50 thoughts on “No Game No Life: Zero ꟾ ENDING SCENE ♔

  1. You can see Izuna, (The fox loli?) with their tail out stretched and angered looking when Jibril appeared after the story, so that's a thing. Or it's in the anime and I forgot.

  2. Time for serious facts already laid out from the author's handwriting.
    This "world", this "universe" is run by *concepts*. Much like the Fate universe of Nasu works.
    Humanity had been a long time the oldest and the original sentient life on that planet.
    It was then throughout time that they begun to make wishes, dreams, and desires that upon that reality system of *concepts*. Mankind fulfillment came in and manifested their thoughts that would become the Old Deus.
    The Old Deus are gods from humanity's wishes and dreams. A byproducts of the collective thoughts of mankind.
    Then one day, it was announced to the world that whomever succeed to held the ultimate prize became the One True God, capable of everything as omnipresent he/she can be..
    The Old Deus that are so powerful fueled by mankind's collective wishes and dreams begin their war that would ravaged the world. They also created new races that would help and use them in the battle. Who knows how long the Great Eternal War raged on but upon 6,000 thousand years it ended with Riku. Even though it was said it ended in a stalemate or draw. It was Riku himself, his own manifestation of a god ended the war. So in a sense, humanity as of now Imanity, ended the long bloodshed between the races and the Old Deus. Imanity being the weakest of all ended all of it. Mankind that created the Old Deus that started the war that almost ended the world.
    Who's more OP? The gods, races with magic OR humanity that simply created gods out from mere dreams and wishes?

    P. S.. Saw this comment on kissanime.

  3. she was smart, full of joy and a bright soul who was never seen crying

    oh if only she knew how hard she cries when her sibling and his wife died for the peace they enjoy now

  4. I am crying right now for some odd reason. You see I just finished watching No Game No Life:Zero, And It was so sad how Schiwi just wanted to save Riku but instead died. And how Riku also died. And AlSo how Shiro and Sora are like reincarnations of them… It's just so. Heartwarming.. TvT (sTILL CRYING..)

  5. Well lot of hate Jibril comment but you had to remember that Tet already punish Flufel is the most horrific way possible.

    He band violence from Discord. The living weapon Flugel lost their father, lost the war and then lost reason to live. They can’t even kill themselves because the ten pledge stop it. They practically saw everything they love vanish in a day by the hand of the god who explain how much they collectively suck then basically inflict the fate worse than death for them.

    A date that had no hope of changing for all eternity.

    So yeah, Tet destroyed them pretty badly. As badly as he screw the vampire if not worse.

    (Think about it… all the so mighty race are basically defanged and force into a level playing field… And who benefit the most Immanity and the only race who couldn’t lose a chess game)

  6. For a Japanese (werebeast civilization is based on Japanese culture), why does Izuna has such bad Japanese? She adds “desu” at the end of every single sentence even when it’s grammatically incorrect….

  7. Did Sora and Shiro Reincarnated as Shiwi and Riku at that world or
    Shiwi and Riku Reincarnated as Sora and Shiro at the other world and came back 2 the original world

  8. “If I told the whole truth, it wouldn’t be an unspeakable myth now anymore would it?” – Tet

    So does this mean some of the details are false? If so, which ones?

  9. I know it’s been almost a year since the movie but still it’s a real shame that a S2 will be unlikely since so many things have been teased after season one and during the movie. [ Spoilers Below ]

    Like at the end of season one they show 2D art of some other races namely the Flugel, Vampir and Sirens with all the characters featured being key characters during the Light Novel from Volume 4 and onwards. The movie while being a prequel did show and hint a few things especially for the 5th LN since the fish Izuna gave Tet in the beginning of the movie was actually supplies for a trip to the beach if I remember correctly. (Yes there’s actually a beach scene) the only problem to this is that a key character at the end character line up is forgotten and Fi alongside Kurami being not present with the group since they’re taking down the Elves from within, which was someone during the 4th volume and a main support for the 5th volume for one of the games.

    The Green haired flugel seen conversing with Jibril, who is also the same flugel during the end Race tease of S1, is actually what would be the antagonist of the 5th volume where the Siblings would have to play a game with the other Flugel’s. The long shot of this is a foreshadowing of Jibril’s turn/questioning during volume 7/8 (still haven’t read the new volume) of the Leadership of the Siblings when Izuna at the end referred to all the problems being caused by Jibril, in which she challenges the Siblings to a game again but this time as a recreation of leading Imanity through a crisis like the Eternal War of the movie.

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