Give Up 2 in 8 Minutes 17 Seconds Deathless!

Give Up 2 in 8 Minutes 17 Seconds Deathless!

At 6:02 is it spliced?
-There was a blip in my stream on Twitch for a reason I haven’t identified. It is legit though and was recognized as such in the competition I was a part of which can be found here: I Never thought this video would get 100 views nonetheless millions so wasn’t local recording.

When is more epic speedrun content?
-Youtube has always been a fun hobby for me that I don’t take seriously like a job. If I get passionate about something and it fits the theme of the channel I’ll upload it here. I look forward to challenging myself to the sequel of this game here:

Why haven’t I responded to you?
-There are thousands of comments on this video. Hundreds of them are the same curiosities. I don’t have the motivation to sift through everything and handle a large community in that way. When the community is smaller it’s easier. Thanks for understanding.
This is a speedrun of Give Up 2 levels 1-40. A speedrun is playing a video game as fast as possible. The only mistakes were two or three one second bobbles here and there. Otherwise flawless with the strategies used in this video!
My gaming adventures. If I’m live dropping a line in the Twitch chat is the best way to get my attention:

Give Up 2 is a free flash game and you can play it here:

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