Choosing the Right Class – Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods

Choosing the Right Class – Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods

Hey guys, try to give few pointers on what to play as first character and also what are the best starting builds available in Grim Dawn and why!
Really hope the video is useful, remember the leave a like and I will see you next time 🙂

-Possibly The Best Caster Starter;
Vitality Caster Cabalist Build:
Entire Playthrough:

-Sword and Board, easier to build up to compared to Cabalist:
Aether DeathKnight Build:

Entire Playthrough:

-My usual starter, much more difficult as there is no reliable legendary set to build up to, also squish mastery combination:
Cold TSS Caster Spellbreaker Build:

My starter for Forgotten Gods, quite potent character, easy to itemise and play;
Fire Aegis of Menhir (Shield Throw) Shieldbreaker Build:

My favourite build in Grim Dawn Ever:

My Build Spread Sheet:

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What Class To Pick
Best Starter Character in Grim Dawn
Ashes of Malmoth Forgotten Gods Crucible Gladiator Shattered Realm Shard
Build Guide
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