18.2: 3D Geometries – WebGL and p5.js Tutorial

18.2: 3D Geometries – WebGL and p5.js Tutorial

In this video about p5.js and WebGL I cover 3D geometry and primitive shapes.

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30 thoughts on “18.2: 3D Geometries – WebGL and p5.js Tutorial

  1. Hey, can i just use p5 for doing staff like https://advanced.team/?fbclid=IwAR09z-P1298um4OttWhs9bekvbIJTzDoV4az1JBNcl8CEhU35Q1pAF2FrlM this? i wanna do 3Ds in web not so large like games, so i want smaller library like p5 and not Three.js. need your advice

  2. Vincent William Rodriguez

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    document.write("The coding train is awesome!");

  3. Hey Dan, loving this new series! It would be amazing to see behind the scenes into the creation of the p5 library. Maybe we could meet the creators, and have some insight into what it takes to build a large project like this. What needs to change we you move from building a simple sketch to a large-scale project like p5?
    Thanks again for consistently high-quality, well taught videos.

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